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Good work leads to great success stories. Check out a few member reviews about our team, training, and transformation. Join thousands of golfers around the world challenging themselves to get better every day – and Hit It Great!

This app is incredible. I have been searching for a specific golf fitness app and finally found one. The Big 3 are great, all exercises and workouts are explained in simple ways to understand. I highly recommend for individuals looking for golf specific workouts and exercises.
BMBJR1 App Store Member

From beginner to experienced golfer on the gym, this app delivers! · This is exactly what I was looking for as a teaching professional that we can use for myself and easy to refer to my students and clients.. The part that I liked the most is that anyone can do these. Exercises anywhere. Some equipment is required and this is a solid investment.

If you workout at home, the classes on the app are great because they are in a follow along format. Workouts range from beginner up to advanced. The quality of the videos is first rate. You will not be disappointed.
Teddy V

This app is amazing. I love the Big 18 and Dustin’s set of exercises. It has been great and helped me gain mobility again after my injury. Highly recommended app.
Osito2109 App Store Member

The work I’ve done with Joey D has absolutely helped my game and it’s helped me get where I am.
Dustin Johnson

Coach K-Wayne keeps me on track. Before I’d been hit-or-miss with my fitness, and you can’t be hit-or-miss when it comes to working out.
Harold Varner III

It’s like less is more. I’ve felt the best I ever have just by working out three or four times a week versus every day. The workouts are so specific to you and to golf.
Jaye Marie Green

I won the U.S. Open in 2009, but today, at 40, I’m working hard with Coach K-Wayne and swinging the club faster than I ever have, playing better and more consistently.
Lucas Glover

I feel better than i ever have. Turning 50 this year and my handicap dropped by four shots. The only thing I’ve done different are these workouts. Thanks Joey D! I appreciate all the work you and the coaches did to make this accessible to somebody like me.
Rob B

I shot my best score ever last weekend. Shot 69!!! First time I have ever broken par. My fitness app is officially translating to lower golf scores. Love it.
Benjamin B.

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